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Moving to or from Clear Lake, IA? Save 50%, FREE rate quotes at S&K Enterprises. S&K Enterprises Inc. has been an authorized U-Haul dealer in Clear Lake, IA since 2005. We treat every customer as if they were family and will try our best to help you in any way possible. We service people with top of the line equipment and products to make your moving experience fast and easy. 
What kind of moving products do we carry?

• U-Haul Trucks 

• U-Haul Trailers

• Cargo Vans

• Moving boxes

• Moving Tape

• Moving Pads

All these and so much more! Stop in and check out our full line or give us a call at 641-357-3375. All our equipment is designed to move families, not freight. Our trucks, pickups, cargo vans & trailers have more safety features than anyone else in the industry. Home of the $19.95 truck!

• Our U-Haul trailers are aerodynamic, lightweight and low profile for better gas mileage. Our wide track, stabilized suspension and low center of gravity make for moving made easier®.

• Our 26' rental truck is 13% larger than our nearest competitor.

• U-Haul trucks have more safety features than any other rental trucks in the industry.

• Our cabs and mirrors were designed so that every customer, tall or short, can see well while driving.

​• U-Haul rental trucks have a low profile, rounded corners and advanced chassis skirts to reduce wind drag and raise fuel economy 20%.

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